Saturday, November 8, 2014


So I think I love doing this Influenster thing!

This time we received the #GameNight Voxbox. We got Monopoly Jr. to say my boy was excited is a bit mild. R wanted to play right away but sickness took us over!

So we broke it open and have had our first Game Night ( or Day ) . What  a cute little game and easy for kids to get into. The game pieces are cute and the money and items involved make lots of sense.

It was a hit. As an adult we had some issues with the game in that maybe we over thought it but some of the chance cards need more description of method. When you choose a certain color space and if free buy it. It should probably state the next available or something along those lines to make sure you don't pick the ones that will help you. I am thinking it will be tricky for 5 year olds but my 7 year old had no real issues.

So if you are looking for a good family game Monopoly Jr is a great addition to your Game Night!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Influenster has me out of my shell and loving it!

Thanks to Influenster and Garnier I am back !

I recently received my FIRST VOX BOX and in it !!

To say the least I was a bit surprised and skeptical. I am by nature a disbeliever. SO tonight I grabbed the bottles and off to the shower I went. Let me say I actually love this stuff. My hair is a tangled and hard to deal with mess. I could actually run a brush through it wet and anyone who has had to try that will attest... NO SMALL FEAT! I colour my hair for many different reasons but top 2 are because it's hair and I want to change it. Grey ick. There aren't many people or products I trust with my hair. My hairdressers are few.

My hair not only is soft and manageable after blow drying. I have a bright shine to my over 1 month old colour! #InfluensterCanada and #GarnierCanada you ROCK #ColorShield

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I am sure I am not the only one but I am hoping March will be a better month.

Weather wise for sure !! and Me wise...

I want to be normal again and I know with a new baby there is really no 'normal' but I mean me not life.

I want to be more alert, more active and more like the old me's a slow process that is for sure.

I hate winter and it brings me down add that to the fact I am blood deficent..well it's a long time till sunshine ...

Ok no more blah talk

Off to play with the kiddos

Monday, February 28, 2011

New Year , New Things , Maybe more Blogging ??

So I haven't been on in ..forever but between the last few months of pregnancy getting me down and having the baby I haven't been very ...bloggy!

So here I am 2 weeks post pregnancy and thought wth!

So on February 14 , 2011 we welcomed our 2nd son
Cash Scott
8lbs 7.6 oz
born at 1:38pm

His brother had a birthday that day..he turned 4

yeah I know 2 birthday boys on V'Day what more could you want!!

I will have to do my birth story at a later date about Nightmare!

OH and pictures will be later I really haven't taken alot (due to the aftermath of Cash!! ) I am hoping to get more pics of him and his big brother Ryder ... Stay tuned

Monday, December 6, 2010

Busy Week

Tomorrow we take lil man to the ENT for a check up ..which should be fun hopefully roads will be clear we had a bit of a storm .

Wednesday I go to prenatal for a check up which I can't wait! I want to push for a u/s to check size of the elephant I am carrying.

Thurs nothing other then taking lil man to school

And Friday a trip to get a 3/D u/s done! Which should be fun!

Wish it were at least Wednesday!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Life has to many speed bumps.

I sometimes wonder why things can't be easier ...
I mean we have hard times which I understand
but does EVERYTHING have to be a big deal.

Today we have to go in to the gov for some reason
to apply for something I don't even care if we have
this all to get a worker to sit with my son at preschool
and work with him on his speech.

So to get this worker we have to apply for a daycare program
where we HAVE to qualify for at least something ..meaning
they will pay that much of our daycare(preschool really)

I'd would have rather paid the full amount myself and
got the worker without this hassle
Not only do we have to take a crap load of papers in to prove everything!
My hubby has to take off work to go ..for what I have no idea
He doesn't handle anything here.

*SIGH* I hate the government

Friday, November 26, 2010

28 weeks (ish) And confused.

Today I had my prenatal appt with yet another dr.

He weighed me up 3lbs (really only weight gain I've had at all)tried to tell me I was up 6 but according to my first weigh in on the chart it's only 3lbs anywho.

Check my urine (perfect) blood pressure (perfect) checked my hips (perfect) and then he went on to measure me all the while talking about my GD and I was getting pretty tired of hearing it ...then when I asked how I measured he said 35cm ......WAIT A SEC...I'm only 28 wks...ummm huh?

So I asked if that was going to mean I had to have another u/s he says no ok ..the dr 4 wks ago when I measured 3wks ahead said we'd watch it to see if I stayed ahead..2 wks ago I caught up a bit with oonly 1 wk ahead and now at 7 wks ahead ..he isn't worried..well I am a bit!

I know with GD it can mean a bigger baby if this is so and this is why I have to go every 2 wks what is the point if the measurements don't bother him?

As usual I leave that place confused!